CLICK HERE FOR COURSE SYLLABUS: Hamburger/hotdog buns derive from their soft crust and tender crumb character from the higher sugar levels, shortening, yeast, and water they contain. This course covers the unique process variations for hamburger/hotdog bun production and includes acceptable benchmark ranges variations regarding formulations, product characteristics, and processing conditions needed. This course module covers the following chapters; mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, moulding, topping, baking, cooling, and packaging.

Course structure/approach:

  • Course Completion time: approx. two hours total, up to six weeks to finish.
  • The course comprises one (1) module. Begin by reading the syllabus and accessing the chapter lesson module material.
  • The interactive module has built-in knowledge checks to test your understanding throughout the course.
  • The course has one final test and requires a total GPA of 90% to receive your certificate.

• Established production, supplier employees or department transfers
• Past Enrollment Titles: Quality Assurance, Production Shift Manager, Line Operator, R&D Manager

Course Type: Hamburger Buns
Course Duration in Hours: Duration: 3 hours, up to six-weeks to finish
Skill Level: Intermediate