CLICK HERE FOR COURSE SYLLABUS: Time investment: 5-8 months, up to two years to finish. The Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course (Second Edition) is the essential training program for the industry. Students will develop a solid understanding of the main principles of an effective manufacturing process. They will also learn the science and theory underpinning these principles and how the various parts of the operation interact with each other. Graduates will possess the technical information necessary to manage or supervise a bakery shift, department, or manufacturing facility. The self-study program covers the complete cookie and cracker manufacturing process and emphasizes the practical application of material learned. The testing component includes multiple-choice questions and work projects, some of which can be completed at home. The work projects are designed for students to utilize what they learn directly to a situation in the plant.

The Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course is a highly specialized program. Therefore, staff at the Bakers Manufacturing Academy manage the the enrollment process for each student.  



  • Upon completion of the enrollment form, an electronic invoice will be sent to both the student and supervisor. Payment is required before enrollment can begin.   


  • Following successful registration in the course, the student/employee will meet with their course manager, who will immediately provide tools for the student's success and mail each student their welcome packet that includes an orientation packet, course materials, and two textbooks.


Course Type: Advanced
Course Duration in Hours: 6 months, up to two-years to finish.
Skill Level: Advanced

The course is a fully digitized course available in English and Spanish that focuses on each step of the manufacturing process, from scaling through the packaging of the finished product. The course is divided into two sections comprised of 20 modules.

The lesson builds the knowledge of the function of ingredients from the benchtop and puts it to work on the production floor. This course focuses on the steps to manufacture pan bread, using a sponge and dough system, the most common dough system for white pan bread.

The Course follows the manufacturing process flow:

  • Explain the purpose of each step of the manufacturing process.
  • Describe dough and finished product characteristics of over-or under
  • Performing each step in the manufacturing process.
  • Identify corrections for over-or under-performing each step in the manufacturing process.
  • Identify critical quality production controls for each step in the manufacturing process.
  • Identify common equipment used for each step in the manufacturing process.
  • Explain each unique step of each dough system.
  • Identify acceptable benchmark ranges for each dough system (unique ingredients, time, temperature, equipment, pH/TTA, etc.).
  •  Explain common adjustments for each dough system.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each dough system
  • Compare and contrast the dough systems.
  • Describe how dough temperature (and age) affects the manufacturing process.
  • Identify common adjustments to each manufacturing process step.

Course structure/approach:

  • Fully digitized through the Academy Portal
  • Duration: 8 hours, up to six-weeks to finish.{mlang}{mlang es}Duración: 8 horas, hasta seis semanas para terminar.
  • Available languages: English & Spanish
  • Final Test: 80% Final GPA to receive certificate.
Course Type: Bread Manufacturing Process
Course Duration in Hours: 8 hours, up to six-weeks to finish.
Skill Level: Advanced